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Take Your Students Fishing and Boating!

The Perfect Tackle Box for Educators including lesson plans, resources and more.

Fishing and boating are ideal ways to actively engage your students. The lesson may occur in a physical education class, providing students with the skills that they’ll enjoy for a lifetime; as a great way of conveying complicated life or aquatic science lessons; or imagine using casting or boating as a way to introduce and reinforce algebra and physics.

All of our resources and materials are specifically designed to promote boating, angling and aquatic stewardship.

Browse through our Education area—look through  and download the Passport Program, which is a great way to get children excited about fishing and boating while stressing safety and conservation. Also use our Tip Sheets as a great take-away for any demonstration or lesson!

Visit often and submit your lesson plans and instructional ideas to  , Education & Conservation Manager.