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"TEACH and LEARN" with the Boating Safety "Sidekicks"
This site exlores and explains the world of safe boating to kids.

American Shad Instructor Resources
Links to a number of american shad based lesson plans

Anglers for Christ Ministries
AFC Ministries holds the Kid's Hooked on Fishing Day Camps all across the country.

Aqua Smart - Personal Watercraft
Information on personal watercraft for kids. A fun, interactive site.

AquaSmart Boating and Water Safety
California Department of Boating and Waterways has developed "AquaSmart", a website with short informational topics for kids about boating safety, paddling and rafting, plants and wildlife, and personal watercraft. Includes activity books and other educational resources.

AquaSmart: Activity Books for Kids
Activity books for kids about boating safety and basic water safety.

AquaSmart: Rafting and Paddling
Rafting and paddling information developed by the California Department of Boating and Waterways decribing river signals and how to be prepared on the water.

Aquasmart: Education Navigation
Water education activities for kids, including teacher resources.

Aquasmart: Personal Watercraft
Operating a personal watercraft is fun if you are safe about it. Learn good safety practices, and some dangerous moves that might get you hurt.

Aquasmart: Rafting and Paddling Safety
Before you head out on a boat, you should review the signals of the river such as currents, eddies, and holes.

Aquasmart: Safety and Rescue on the Water
Suggestions for being prepared on the water and tips for a successful rescue.

Aquatic Animals Activity Book
A 16-page activity book about critters that live in and around the water.

Colorado State Parks - Kids Activity One - 1
Educational activities for kids. This page is the starting point to a number of childrens' activities including pages to print and color. This page has an elementary-aged focus.

EEK! - Cool Stuff
Animal tracks! Test your skills with a beginner animal tracks quiz!

EEK! - Cool Stuff - The Riddler
Can you find the answer to the riddler?

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