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Ky Dept of Fish and Wildlife - Teacher's Guides for Ecosystem Posters
Teacher's Guides including information on big river ecosystems, small stream ecosystems, steam ecosystems, and wetland sloughs.

Ky Dept of Fish and Wildlife - Tournament Fishing Information
The Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources welcomes you to the Tournament Fishing Scheduling page. It is intended to assist you in planning a pleasurable event where you can see the tournaments scheduled for the water body, ramp and date you select.

Ky Dept of Fish and Wildlife - Trophy/Master Angler Award
Kentucky Anglers who catch, by pole and line, any one (1) fish meeting the length requirements may qualify for the Trophy Fish/Master Angler Awards Program. Anglers who catch three (3) different species of trophy status are eligible for the Master Angler Award plaque. There is no time limit in which the three different species must be caught, but each catch must be documented and registered as a trophy fish. Species counted toward a Master Angler Award may not be duplicated.

Ky Dept of Fish and Wildlife - Where to Fish
This link contains information about Kentucky fishing such as finding a place to fish, 2004 fishing forecast, Kentucky's smallmouth bass waters, lake information links, ADA accessible fishing sites, Sunday afternoon lakes, 2004 Trout stream classification, fishing at KY state parks, fishing at Russel Fork.

Small Stream Teachers' Guide and Teaching Materials
This pdf document details general information on stream ecosystems including diagrams of animal life cycles and world-class illustrations by Rick Hill.

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