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Fish Identification and Information Database for CA fishes
About Fish: an angler's guide to species and habitats - This is an impressive online tool to find out about fish species in California.
Download PDF File: California Fish Species

Fish Illustrations
Freshwater fish illustrations.

Fish Species Profiles for Popular N.H. Fish
New Hampshire Fish Facts - information about the fish you'll find in New Hampshire waters, from species identification to natural history.

Fish of Lake Michigan/Fish of the Great Lakes by Wisconsin Sea Grant
Wisconsin Sea Grant's guide to the fish of Lake Michigan

Fish of Utah - species identification
Lists the fishes of Utah with links to details about most Utah fish species. Fish are grouped logically though not by strict taxonomy.

Fishes of Nebraska
More than 100 species of fish live in Nebraska. Dozens of little fish live in out-of-the-way creeks and puddles. This page lists the large and small with descriptions and information.

Florida's Freshwater Fishes
All you need to know about freshwater fishes in Florida. Detailed descriptions of the most popular species and a complete checklist of Florida's freshwater fishes with photos and illustrations. Division of Freshwater Fisheries, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Freshwater Fishes of New York
Listing of educational leaflets providing biological, management, identification and fishing information about New York's endangered and threatened fish species. A 14-part series covering the state's freshwater fish species.

Freshwater Mussels Page - Conchologists of America
Conchologists of America presents the Freshwater Mussels page: Freshwater mussels are filter-feeding, essentially immobile animals. They acquire oxygen and food across their extensive gill surface, and release metabolic waste into the surrounding water. Because North American species lack true siphons, or tubes for water intake and release, most species are confined to burrowing only as deep as the posterior edge of the shell, rendering them susceptible to predators, desiccation, and temperature extremes. Nevertheless, many species live 20-30 years, some up to 140 years (Bauer, 1987c).

Habitat and the Brook Trout
This article is the second in a series of articles on the major topics of concern in the Commission's theme, "Conserve 2000." This feature explains the global, regional and local aspects of the topic of fish habitat with the state fish, the brook trout, as the focal point. Because the brook trout is a Pennsylvania native, we can readily see the effects of human activity on this species and its habitat over several hundred years.

Hawaii's Native & Exotic Freshwater Animals book
This is a major new identification guide to the creatures of Hawaii's unique freshwater ecosystems. The guide has information on more than 70 fish species.

Iowa's Freshwater Fish Species
There are 148 different fish species within the state of Iowa. Each is described below, with information on family characteristics, methods of identification, distribution and food habits, state record fish, tips to bring in the big one, and a brief biology on the fish.

Landlocked Salmon ID Page - Maine
Landlocked Salmon ID Page - Maine - Information about the fish, its habits and identification

Largemouth Bass - Minnesota DNR
The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources provides a description and habitat of the largemouth bass.

Largemouth Bass ID Page - Maine
Largemouth Bass ID Page - Maine

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