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Trout of California
This information tells the story of California trout, their habits, life histories, and their distribution throughout the State.

Turtles in Alabama Farm Ponds
On occasion, pond fishing may be interrupted by pesky pond critters such as turtles. Some anglers believe that pond turtles reduce fish production by consuming small fish and fish eggs. The bad reputation that turtles have earned is unwarranted because many turtles are scavengers, eating vegetation and dead or dying animals. Besides carrion and vegetation, diets of turtles also include aquatic insects, crayfish, fish and mollusks.

Use of Grass Carp in Alabama Ponds
Many ponds in Alabama suffer from aquatic plant weed infestations. Heavy weed infestations can negatively affect fish populations, cause poor esthetics, limit access for fishing and in severe cases, cause fish kills. Physical, chemical, and biological methods can be used to control weeds, but the most often used method is the use of a fish known as grass carp or white amur.

WDFW - Warmwater Fish Enhancement Program
The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife's warmwater game fish enhancement program began in 1997 at the request of fishing organizations interested in bass, walleye, and other warmwater fish species that are found in Washington.

WDFW -- Chum Salmon Website
General information on chum salmon - Chum salmon are the most abundant wild salmon species in Washington State, and at the same time are probably the least appreciated of the state's salmon. Chum salmon have many admirable attributes, not the least of which is the fact that this species has shown remarkable resilience during a period when other salmon species have shown substantial declines.

WDFW -- Warmwater Fish of Washington
An overview of warmwater fish in Washington State.

WDFW -- Washington's Native Chars
In the cold, clear waters of the Pacific Northwest, some of the world's most important and beautiful fish--the trout, salmon and char--have evolved. But none of these native salmonids (the name used for members of the Salmonidae family) are as pretty or as mysterious as our native char, the Dolly Varden and bull trout.

WDFW Fact Sheet: Washington bull trout and Dolly Varden
Bull trout are native chars and part of the salmonid family. Dolly Varden, also found in Washington, are similar in appearance to bull trout. Native char are found in fresh water streams, lakes and some migrate to salt water for a portion of their lives. -- Find out more about bull trout.

WDNR - Draft Lake Sturgeon Management Plan
Lake Sturgeon Management Program of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Bureau of Fisheries Management & Habitat Protection

WDNR - Wisconsin Fish
Fish information site with species information, endangered species information, and list of Wisconsin species.

Walleye - Minnesota DNR
The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources provides a description and habitat of the walleye.

Walleye Fact Sheet - Maryland
Walleye Fact Sheet

White Perch Fact Sheet - Maryland
White Perch Fact Sheet

White Perch ID Page - Maine
White Perch ID Page - Maine

Yellow Perch Fact Sheet - Maryland
Yellow Perch Fact Sheet

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