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EPA Monitoring Water Quality
US EPA's water quality monitoring site for volunteers, teachers, students - find what you need to know here.

EPA Searchable Database About Your Community
A searchable database from the EPA that allows you to find information about environmental conditions in your community.

Engineering Approaches to Ecosystem Restoration (CD-ROM)
Restoring or establishing complex ecosystems such as wetlands, riparian zones, and streams requires interdisciplinary cooperation. Engineers have long been part of these interdisciplinary teams, but little information has been available to assist in developing or evaluating engineering approaches to restoration

Estuarine Mesocosm Page
Toxicology, chemistry and ecology issues pertinent to the marine and estuarine habitats of the Southeastern U. S. are the focus of Marine Ecotoxicology. A major goal is to establish linkages between land use and the presence of chemical contaminants in the marine environment. Interdisciplinary research is focused on identifying chemical and bacterial contaminants associated with anthropogenic inputs from agriculture, urbanization, dredging operations, and industrial discharges and their resulting toxicological and ecological impacts on marine and estuarine ecosystems.

Florida health advisories on freshwater fish consumption
A site providing information and education about health advisories affecting Florida's fisheries

Instream Water Rights
This PDF file is loaded with information on instream water rights, and how using water rights can impact fisheries.

Maine Current Fish Consumption Guidelines
Warnings on Eating Fish Caught in Maine Waters - The Bureau of Health is responsible for recommending the warnings on eating fish based on the presence of chemicals

Marine Board - Clean Water, Clean Boating
Clean water for drinking, swimming, fishing and boating is important to everyone! Boaters can make a significant contribution to cleaner water with these and other tips from the Oregon State Marine Board.

Maryland Chesapeake Bay Monitoring
The Chesapeake Bay Monitoring Program measures key components of the ecosystem, including pollutant inputs, water quality, habitat and living resources.

Maryland Streams Information Online
Maryland's streams are monitored in many ways, for many reasons. Use this page to check out some of the aspects of Maryland's streams that DNR investigates.

Maryland's Clean Marina Initiative
The Maryland Department of Natural Resources exciting new program offers marina operators and boaters the opportunity to participate in efforts to protect Maryland' s natural resources.

MassWildlife - Lead Poisoning and Loons
MassWildlife - Lead Poisoning and Loons - a report showing that up to 70% of loon mortality in freshwater in Massachusetts can be traced to lead poisoning from fishing tackle.

Massachusetts Adopt-A-Stream
Massachusetts Adopt-A-Stream, part of the Riverways Programs, supports groups who want to "adopt" a river or stream by working to improve water quality and protect lands adjacent to rivers.

Missouri River Issues Main Page
The Missouri and Mississippi rivers have a profound effect on the lives of Missouri citizens. Depending on the way they are managed, they can affect our economy, our tourism industry, and our livelihood. The information presented at this site is designed to explain some of the critical issues surrounding these bodies of water, and how those issues can affect the everyday lives of Missourians.

Monitor's Guide to Aquatic Macroinvertebrates
by Loren K. Larkin. A 60-page non-technical guide to the major orders of aquatic insect larvae and crustaceans. Includes a dichotomous key to help you identify stream organisms and a detailed description of each organism, including tips for proper identification. Great for stream monitors, schools and anglers

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