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South Carolina Hydrologic Data Available Online
South Carolina Hydrologic Data Available Online - stream levels

Special water topics: water quality, acid rain, saline water
All about water - the U.S. Geolgical Survey's Water Science for Schools information site. Special water topics for 'students' aged 9-90!

Spilling Swill: A Survey of Factory Farm Water Pollution in 1999
22 pages. Report by the Clean Water Network and the Izaak Walton League of America about pollution problems at factory farms across the country, and particularly in the Midwest. Manure spills, illegal dumpoing and other violations seen at confined animal livestock facilities threaten public health, wildlife, and the quality of our rivers, lakes and coastal waters. Underscores the need for better regulations at the state and federal level for state feedlot permitting programs.

Spills & Kills (2000)
This report documents manure spills, fish kills, and other pollution problems at factory farms over a 4 year period. Includes policy recommendations and information on alternatives to factory farms. This was a joint report by the Izaak Walton League, the Clean Water Network, and the Natural Resources Defense Council.

State of Alaska Division of Water Home Page
Alaska's Division of Water Quality protects the waters of the state through programs that establish standards for water cleanliness;
regulate discharges to waters and wetlands; provide financial assistance for water and wastewater facility construction, and waterbody assessment and remediation; train, certify and assist water and wastewater system operators; and monitor and report on water quality.

Surf Your Watershed: U.S. EPA Student Center
A service to help you find, use and share information about your watershed and its environmental quality.

USGS Sediment Database
USGS Sediment Database provides information from gauging stations about sediment flux and transport in the US

Volunteer Water Monitoring for the Maryland Department of Natural Resources
The Maryland Department of Natural Resources seeks volunteers to help us monitor water in Maryland streams

WATER Center
On October 16, 2003, the Wichita Area Treatment, Education & Remediation (WATER) Center, the treatment center for the Gilbert-Mosley Project, celebrated its grand opening. The facility houses the equipment, a hydraulic-venturi air stripper treatment system, needed to clean the polluted groundwater, and is designed to encourage public interest and observation on how groundwater is remediated.

Water Education Foundation
The mission of the Water Education Foundation, an impartial non-profit organization, is to create a better understanding of water issues and help resolve water resource problems through educational programs.

West Virginia Expanded Fish Consumption Advisory
West Virginia Expanded Fish Consumption Advisory - lists of what to worry about where in West Virginia

Whirling Disease in Wyoming
spores of the whirling disease parasite were first detected in Wyoming during 1988. The spores were found in trout collected from private farm ponds and nearby streams and lakes in the Laramie and North Platte river drainages.

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