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U.S. EPA Environmental Education Center
The Environmental Education Center is a collection of fact sheets, brochures, and web pages that you can use to explain environmental issues. These resources offer basic and clear information to assist you in teaching your students about the environment.

USDA Forest Service Conservation Education: Curriculum
Ecosystem Matters Curriculum pages. Lessons are in pdf format.
Download PDF File:

USDA Forest Service Conservation Education: For Teachers Home
Curriculum and lesson plans for teachers in environmental education.

USFWS Education Resources
The Division of Education Outreach provides training and support for conservation professionals to develop and implement collaborative education, outreach and heritage programs which achieve conservation goals.

USGS FAQs about the environment
Information about the environmental issues surrouding mining, radon, minerals, pesticides, water supplies, aquifers and much more from the USGS. This site really has lots of information.

USGS-BRD Preschool Kids' Corner
There's all kinds of fun stuff to do here for preschoolers on up. We have games, coloring pages, stories, and lots of information about living thing

USGS-BRD Teacher Information Features
USGS page for teacher related links, education materials, curriculum etc.

Utah Project WILD
Utah Project WILD resources, workshops and information

Vermont Environmental Education Links Page
There are hundreds of environmental education websites. We've divided a few of the best ones here into three broad categories based on grade level. Almost all of them have links to additional websites, as well.

Virginia Naturally - Information for Teachers and Students
Information on "Linking Virginians to the Environment." Welcome teachers and students! There is a wealth of information for you at Virginia Naturally! Whether you're looking for lesson plans, field trips, school programs, SOL resources, or grants - you've come to the right place!

Virginia Wildlife Education - Project WILD
Virginia wildlife education opportunities featuring Project WILD, WILD School Visits, and Schoolyard habitat mini-grants. Project Wild is a national Kindergarten through 12th grade wildlife education program correlated to the Virginia Science Standards of Learning. Two Activity Guides, an Introductory Guide and an Aquatic Guide, provide educators with the information needed to teach wildlife conservation and the importance of habitat.

Washington Catalog of Selected Educational Materials
This comprehensive list of informational and educational materials is available to both agency personnel and to the general public from the department's Ecosystems Education Program, other programs within the department, and from other agencies.

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Education Plan
Education, as embodied in this plan, is a three-step process. Education begins with an understanding of the parts of the system under study, obtaining basic information and awareness of an issue. This understanding is further refined through environmental inquiry, choosing an aspect to investigate, defining a problem and gathering information.
Download PDF File: Washington Fish and Wildlife Education Plan

Washington Project WILD
Project WILD is an interdisciplinary conservation and environmental education program emphasizing wildlife. The program is designed for educators of kindergarten through twelfth grade. Project WILD educational materials are provided to educators through practical interactive workshops.

Washington Project WILD / WET / NatureMapping Calendar
Workshop Schedules - WDFW's Project WILD Education Program offers educator workshops throughout the year

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