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Missouri Habitat Packs - Student and Teacher Resource
Explore the places in which all sorts of animals live. Learn about the animals' homes, called their habitats, and learn about the animals that inhabit a particular habitat

Missouri K-2 Environmental Education Document Library
Missouri K-2 Environmental Education Document Library - activities, worksheets, projects, etc. for the young ones

Missouri Pre-School & Elementary Education Topics
Pre-School and Elementary Educational Materials - to help young students learn about conservation and wildlife in Missouri, check out these programs and supporting materials.

Missouri Project W.I.L.D.
Missouri Project W.I.L.D. - calendar, benefits, and other opportunities in conservation education.

Missouri Project Learning Tree
Missouri Project Learning Tree, Curriculum and Workshops - BY ATTENDING ONE SIX-HOUR PLT PRE K THRU 8 WORKSHOP YOU WILL GET: curriculum guide containing nearly 100 activities; Correlations to the Show-Me Standards; A new curriculum, revised to add what educators were requesting; Access to a network of educators linked by a common interest; A curriculum easily adaptable to many settings, with appeal to children of all ages, back-grounds and learning styles; The national PLT newsletter, The Branch; Hands-on, fun and interdisciplinary activities.

Missouri Stream Team - Volunteers caring for water resources
The Missouri Stream Team Home Page is a source of information on helping Missouri’s #1 aquatic resource--its streams. Missouri Stream Teams are independent volunteer organizations, sponsored by the Missouri Department of Conservation, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, and the Conservation Federation of Missouri, dedicated to improving Missouri's flowing aquatic resources by education, stewardship, and advocacy.

Missouri Teacher Workshops & Conferences
From caves to consumer science, the Department of Conservation's education staff offers hundreds of great workshops for teachers and youth leaders each year. Here's information on how you can sign up and get involved.

Missouri Teacher's Page
The Department of Conservation's education curriculum is available for all grade levels great for classrooms, youth groups and home schools. Materials cover various levels and topics and are interdisciplinary to help instructors reach program goals.

Montana Education Trunks - Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks
Education trunks available from Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks. These trunks have materials and activities for school-aged children.

Monterey Bay Aquarium: Exhibits, Features and Conservation
Information and interactive online exhibits about fishes, penguins, sea otters, marine mammals and other ocean life; marine and ocean conservation information and the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch card with information on sustainable ocean fisheries

NFBW - Plan An Event
The national campaign creates a unique opportunity for you to get involved during National Fishing and Boating Week, June 5-13, 2004. To assure your success, we offer resource materials that may assist you as you plan and promote your event:

NFBW - Plan An Event
Through a dynamic advertising and public relations campaign designed to raise awareness of fishing and boating, we’ll be letting people now how enjoyable it is to spend quality time on the water. National Fishing and Boating Week will then focus this heightened awareness on local events to build support for boating, fishing, and environmental stewardship.

NFBW - Plan An Event
The national campaign creates a unique opportunity for you to get involved during National Fishing and Boating Week, June 5-13, 2004. To assure your success, we provide all the materials you need to publicize your event. You can customize any of the materials to advertise your local event:

NFBW - Plan An Event
Tips for being an ethical boater and angler. Ethics cannot be dictated. They develop with time, experience and interaction with others. The following code is offered as a guideline to increase awareness and encourage discussion.

NFBW - Plan An Event
Order form for National Fishing and Boating Week Materials. To order any of these products for your event, please view and print the Order Form PDF. The Order Form PDF contains product descriptions, prices, and ordering information.

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